A japanese shield
However, it is a shield as a samurai gains power.
it has in "hand -- small -- a shield -- " .
it is like "stockade fencing -- a large -- a shield -- " --
it changes and goes.

and -- small -- a shield is considered to have not got used on problems, such as Japanese physical strength, the length of a sword and weight, and speed.

a large -- a shield .
As a protection fence .
As a ship .
As a seat in camp .
It is the appearance greatly used as a tool which carries a thing and casualties.
It seems that the sword and the shield were used from the time human beings began to fight as a thing of one of an attack and defense.

It develops into a thing with the function of arms, and discernment functions, such as a person, in Western Europe.
Carrying out, a shield carries out evolution unique as a crest, and goes.

Ancient-sword and the shield were used even in Japan as arms which it has in a hand like Western Europe.